FMV Community

FMV CommunityWow, how the FMV Community has started and grown over the years! In 2013, The Full Metal Vapist came up with an idea to create and help evolve a community of people who had made the decision to stop smoking cigarettes; just as he had decided himself. The founder of the Facebook Group Full Metal Vapist, Mr. Kelly Homer, a.k.a. “The Full Metal Vapist”, envisioned a vape community where friends and family, old and new, could communicate and encourage each other towards their mutual goal of quitting cigarettes for good, and to not be judged while trying to better themselves in the process. Thus, the FMV community was born!

FMV Community

The Full Metal Vapist wanted to encourage and build up anyone that also wanted to stop smoking cigarettes by joining his newly founded group, and then showing them step-by-step, how to get started and help them select and build their own RDA’s and Mods for the first time ever! And now, The Full Metal Vapist community is now over 10,000 members strong and growing! As the vaping world in general continued to grow and evolve technologies so rapidly, he wanted to find a place where he could find good quality vaping gear, premium e-liquid, and vape supplies all in one place at a reasonable price. After a long search he could not find such a place, so he then decided to make his own and help the FMV community even further!

The Realization

And now as that dream becomes a reality in 2017 with the New Year, we present to you the Full Metal Vapes online store. A store where people can come and browse products personally selected by The Full Metal Vapist himself and get FMV inspired custom products, as well as products selected from other reputable brands known in the vaping industry for their quality and value. To make his dream come full circle, The Full Metal Vapist then wanted to continue to help the FMV community, but he wanted to do something a little different and provide the FMV community with a clean ISO 5 Lab Certified juice line that was also personally curated by himself and painstakingly tested and tweaked to create a delicious and multi-layered premium vaping experience while still being affordable. Finally, after 9 months of research, 12 different versions of each flavor, and cumulus clouds galore, the Armageddon Premium juice line was perfected! The end has begun!

So, with that being said, please feel free to browse our products and be sure to join the Full Metal Vapist Facebook group to get in on the discussions, and enjoy a little fun and laughter with other like-minded people who are striving towards the same goals as yourself. Also, be on the lookout for all kinds of promotions, contests, giveaways,  and many other things to come in the future! May 2017 be the year you kick the habit of smoking cigarettes for good!